The National Football League Concussion Litigation

The proposed NFL Concussion Settlement immediately compensates truly injured Players, protects future Players and as importantly, protects the game of Football. Learn More.


Thousands of retired NFL players face a challenge everyday. They suffer due to withdrawal, increased risk of heart attack and stroke, kidney and liver problems, and addiction – Just to name a few.

The National Football League negligently and improperly supplied many of their players with painkillers to conceal injuries and mask pain. The NFL put its profits ahead of the players’ health and well-being when the League negligently and illegally gave drugs to these players without proper prescriptions and without proper medical supervision. These drugs were provided to players without informing the player of the addictive properties of the drug while also failing to inform the player of the dangers of the drug they were being given.

It is simply not fair.

There has to come a time when the NFL takes accountability for their actions. That time has come

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