The National Football League Concussion Litigation

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The proposed NFL Concussion Settlement immediately compensates truly injured Players, protects future Players and as importantly, protects the game of Football. Learn More.


Thousands of retired NHL players face a challenge everyday. They suffer due to memory loss and other concussion related symptoms. It is simply not fair. There has to come the time when the NHL takes accountability. That time has come.

Retired NHL players know the risks that they assume by playing hockey, however they are also entitled to be told the truth by their employer about risks for which they are unaware. Specifically, that concussions and head injuries subject players to a greater risk of long term cognitive decline, often resulting in moderate to severe memory loss, alzheimer’s, chronic traumatic eencephalopathy (CTE) and dementia.

The NHL knew or should have known about scientific evidence that hockey players who sustain repeated head injuries are at greater risk for illnesses and disabilities later in life.

Even after the NHL created a concussion program to study brain injuries affecting NHL players in 1997, the league took no action to reduce the number and severity of concussions. The NHL choose to ignore the medical findings of its own concussion studies and the general practice of medicine regarding concussions, brain injuries and hockey.

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