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Written by Player Injury on July 28, 2014

Kevin Turner & Shawn Wooden:  Our position with regard to the Concussion settlement

As the two class representatives for the NFL concussion settlement, we write to explain why we believe this agreement is a victory for all retired players. One of us suffers from an advanced neurological condition; the other one is not currently experiencing any symptoms, but worries about a future after nine seasons in the NFL. Despite our vastly different situations, we both stand fully behind this agreement, and

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Recent Court Filings

Written by Player Injury on July 27, 2012

Class_Action_Settlement_Agreement_ with_Exhibits copy

Injury_Definitions copy

Preliminary_Approval_Order copy

Preliminary_Approval_Memorandum_Opinion copy

Memorandum_of_Law_in_Support_of_Preliminary_Approval copy

Declaration_of_Layn_R._Phillips copy

Declaration_of_Katherine_Kinsella copy

LeMaster PA State Court Complaint

Written by Player Injury on March 21, 2012

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Lawsuits Flying Against NFL By Ex-Players Over Concussions

Written by Player Injury on January 12, 2012

The National Football League has a real situation on its hands: Last week a batch of lawsuits were filed against it by retired players who allege they sustained long-term brain damage from concussions during their careers on the gridiron.

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Concussion hearing held in Philly

Written by Player Injury on October 11, 2010

ESPN: PHILADELPHIA — Former NFL players trying to sue the league over concussion-linked injuries argued in court Tuesday that the NFL “glorified” violence and profited from damaging hits to the head.

Players’ lawyer David Frederick also accused the league of concealing the emerging science about concussions over several decades, even after creating a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury committee in 1994.

“It set up a sham committee designed to get information about neurological risks, but in fact spread misinformation,” Frederick argued at a

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At Start of NFL Concussion Case, a Focus On Workplace Safety

Written by Player Injury on October 11, 2010

By: Frontline PBS
April 10, 2013

Should former NFL players be able to sue the league for brain injuries they suffered on the field?

That question was the focus of a preliminary hearing Tuesday into concussion litigation filed by more than 4,000 NFL veterans. Facing the prospect of billions of dollars in potential liability, attorneys for the league pressed U.S. District Court Judge Anita B. Brody to dismiss the case.

The league’s attorney, former U.S. Solicitor General Paul Clement, argued that under the terms

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Why Most NFL Teams And The NFLPA Have Escaped Being Named Defendants In NFL Concussion Litigation

Written by Player Injury on October 11, 2010

By:Forbes and Darren Heitner, contributor

The number of plaintiffs and lawsuits filed against the National Football League (NFL), based mainly on the league’s alleged failure to warn players of the long-term effects of suffering multiple concussions along with the claim that the league actively attempted to conceal knowledge of such effects, seems to increase by the day. A fantastic resource that keeps up with such figures is the Washington Times NFL Concussion Lawsuits database, which is frequently updated by Washington

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Those who put concussion onus on the players aren’t thinking clearly

Written by Player Injury on October 11, 2010

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p>by Jerome Solomon

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I keep hearing from people who say former NFL players knew what they were getting into when they started playing football, so significant brain injuries are just part of the game and they should get over it.


Even as one who thinks there are too many lawsuits over some perceived mistreatment, I believe that is a ridiculous, almost indefensible position to take in this discussion. People who so casually say such things

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